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Our proven process is simple, we help you HEAL, RENEW, then PERFORM. Pain free movement is the first step in fiding your PHYS. PHYS|LAB partners with expert therapists to first help reduce YOUR pain. This begins with a comprehensive assessment that will help you identify the root-cause of your pain.

We don’t just make your pain go away, but we empower your to become more proactive in your prehab. Small changes in your movement patterns and the the muscles you use can go a long way in preventing any ache or pain from coming back.

A True Doctor-Patient Relationship

Our partners at PHYStherapy are taking therapeutic alliances to the next level. Their expert therapists will conduct comprehensive assessments to identify the root cause of your pain or dysfunction in the healing environment we’ve created. But their treatment does not stop there. They want to become your primary physical health providers. Whenever you have a question or concern about your physical health, they’ll be there for you. 

PHYSical Therapy

PHYS|LAB Doctors of Physical Therapy (PT) are movement experts and are recognized as essential providers of rehabilitation, performance enhancement, injury prevention, and risk-reduction services. PHYStherapy PTs educate patients about cutting edge pain science and build custom exercise plans for members to achieve maximum results.


PHYStherapy Doctors of Chiropractic provide treatment for back, neck, and musculoskeletal pain that facilitate maximal outcomes in the shortest time.  PHYStherapy chiropractors avoid unnecessary treatment, promote active care plans and patient empowerment.  Evidence-based treatment methods include manipulation and manual therapy, rehabilitative exercise, patient education, and ergonomics.

Movement Systems

The movement system is the integration of body systems that generate and maintain movement all levels of body function.  Human movement is a complex behavior within a specific context, and is influenced by social, environmental, and personal factors.


Our program offers a unique perspective on purposeful, precise, and efficient movement across the lifespan based upon the synthesis of their distinctive knowledge of the movement system and expertise in mobility and locomotion.


We examine and evaluate the movement system (including diagnosis and prognosis) to provide a customized and integrated plan of care to achieve the individual’s goal-directed outcomes.


Lastly we maximize an individual’s ability to engage with and respond to his or her environment using movement-related interventions to optimize functional capacity and performance.

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