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The PHYS|LAB Athletics Department is comprised of leading industry professionals, athletes and exercise scientists all dedicated to the research, development and implementation of PHYS|LAB’s programming. Our Athletics Department provides fresh programming daily for our studios, ensuring our members are constantly engaged, enjoying their workouts and getting results.

Functional Training

Functional Training is a classification of exercise which involves “training for activities performed in daily life and is designed to help individuals move and perform better in their everyday activities. These types of exercises typically involve the use of your full body and multiple muscle groups, and consistent adherence can lead to a range of benefits including improved energy, body composition, metabolic function and sleep, and decreases in fat mass, stress, depression and risk of lifestyle diseases.”

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Creating Community

Enviorment fosters results. Creating a team training atmosphere centered around common goals solidifies our training dynamics. The motivation and encouragement in our PHYSpace promotes an upbeat environment where goals are met and exceeded. Communities promoting fitness, good health and growth are forged in PHYS|LAB studios.

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Class reservations are a must for small group classes. Because these are smaller size classes they can easily fill up. The more popular a class time is the more likely you won’t have a spot in the class unless you do reserve one.

In addition to providing an amazing workout we also want to provide a safe performance training environment for everyone. Our programming is tough, but we also like to have fun. To ensure this is the case for all, we do have a few guidelines for participants and it starts with generally being a good person towards other in the space.

Performance training is always more fun with a friend. We would love for you to bring a friend and we will offer you a promotional discount to bring that friend. We can offer you something for them to redeem or you can can provide you a unique link to share with them. We will have your friend create an account in order to book their first class with us. After they’ve created an account, they can book the class right away. We do ask that they first meet with one of our PHYS|LAB providers so they will have the best possible experience.

Because of the rigors of our performance training programming, we recommend coming in three times a week. Even a rest day can have light active recovery. All our performance training programs are total body workouts that blend some form of aerobic conditioning (cardiovascular training) and anaerobic training (strength training). Some days can be more focused on the strength training while other days will be more about getting in that conditioning.  The programming for Small Group Performance Training is not as individualized as Semi Private Personal Training, but our clients doing Small Group Performance Training are assigned a PHYS|LAB Specialist that helps them to plan out their training frequency based on their goals. 

Small Group Performance Training will have a blend of cardio and strength training. Keep in mind that we are performing exercise indoors and possibly outdoors. On the colder days it is a good idea to have layers you can peel off for your comfort. On warmer days it is best to wear breathable material. A t-shirt or a tank top is ideal. Shorts and pants, leggings or capris made of breathable material are good. A standard athletic shoe or cross trainer is good. Running shoes are not recommended as most of our runs are under 400 meters at a time. However, you might want to have running shoes available to take part in any group runs before or after the workout.

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